S.E.B ‘Making music since 1998’.

Born in 1987 (NL), S.E.B is a musician and producer. His
artistic process began as a child when he found a Bass guitar in his
dad’s closet. After a few years playing in the metal band Another Plague S.E.B discovered digital audio workstations and thanks to good friend Simon Derks upgraded from frootyloops to Ableton live. What followed was a lot of studio (a.k.a. bedroom) experiments with FM synthesis, sampling techniques, effects and synthesizers. Around the same time he learned how to beat-match two tracks with a portable cd-player, a cracky mixer and a turntable with no pitch, oldskool!

So after a few years of learning and frustrations, S.E.B. finally
understood how to put his raw ideas from his head into a computer and
the (Ableton) game was on! S.E.B. got involved with many different
electronic projects: The Neverminders, Sebtick & T-Mo, Woofer Junkies,
S.E.B & Free-K, Liquid Whabbits Duracel Dubs, High Garden, S.E.B & Low5
and De Piellekes. Working close together with local friends and
musicians: Dj Free-k, Gewi, De Pilze, Low5, Peron, Multiplex MC, Sula, Kunststof Crew, Gracerooms, Paul Klaessen, John Boeijen, and ofcourse mister Thimo
Gijezen. Some Eat my records tracks where created or mixed & Mastered at
the Kink Studio (Thimo Gijezen a.k.a. T-Mo),The Free-k Studio(Freek Vergoossen a.k.a Free-k) and The Bluebird studio
(Jan-Willem Höppener (a.k.a. Gewi)

His music can be found on labels like Disturbed records, Tainted Audio , Rust Out records, Liquid Boopers and Clownsville and off course his own label called Eat My Records through online distribution channels such as Beatport, JunoDownload, Itunes, Spotify, etc

Supported by:

Evol intent
Dj Blofeld

Released on:

Disturbed Records
Tainted Audio
Rustout Records
Liquid Boopers
Eat My Records