Peron is the electronic music prodigy currently based in Brighton UK. Journey into the beautiful and endless world of sound began at the age of 14. Ever since, Peron has been working to develop his distinctive style of expressing musical ideas and visions.
And they are plentiful.
house, dance, hip hop, trip hop, ambient, down tempo, nu:jazz, breaks, drum and bass, all created with incredible depth and totally immersive.
Peron is exploring the geometry of sound structures. His adventures in the music world are multidimensional, complex, atmospheric and hypnotizing. He can be mellow! He can be rough! Like an alchemist, not afraid to experiment with ideas, techniques and styles
Set out to conquer the electronic music scene exploring sounds and beats of the future.


Released on:

Omni music
Modular grid records
Bass beat repeat
C recordings
Soul Deep Recordings
Eat My Records