Low5, born in Roermond started out as a drummer in his basement. After a few years he got in touch with the ‘Bass-genre’ we know today as it is. On that day in 2013 he made a decision, he was going to produce these songs that he so much liked.
With his background as a drummer he’s got flow, and isn’t afraid to show it.
Low5 stand for good music, music that comes from within, music not just to dance on but also music which touches your heart. After a year he was already remixed by Maduk, and keep your eyes peeled, cause there’s a lot more to come from Low5.

Supported by:

MC Pat

Released on:

Soul Deep Recordings
C Recordings
Liquid Boppers
Eat my records
Sexy Toy Records (astrofonik)
Xeno Recordings
Clownsville records